Ancasta يعرض سلاسل Lagoon Catamaran وBeneteau Oceanis في معرض ساوثامبتون الدولي للقوارب

Ancasta is displaying the Beneteau Oceanis and Lagoon Catamaran ranges at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show, taking place on the 13th - 22nd September. From small family cruisers to spacious, luxury catamarans there is a yacht for anyone looking to combine exceptional sailing performance with onboard space and comfort.

Ones to look out for at this year’s show include two boats making their UK debuts:

Oceanis 30. 1 (M134). This new addition to the Oceanis range may be the smallest, but offers incredible sailing performance, space inside and outside, giving unbeatable living room for its size and a focus on simplicity of use. This smart, robust little cruiser is “one of the best yachts to leave the Beneteau factory,” according to Ashley Overton, Ancasta مدير مبيعات.

Lagoon 46 (M146). Designed with families in mind, this wonderful new breed of catamaran makes living onboard easy-going and extremely pleasurable. The mast is stepped further aft, allowing for a larger and more powerful self-tacking jib, and a smaller and easier to handle mainsail. Boasting generous sized living spaces with elegant style, the whole family will enjoy sailing on this luxury catamaran.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك، Ancasta is now taking appointments to view:

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 (M129). A stylish cruiser benefiting from an extra 100 sq ft of sail area for the same weight as its predecessor, the Beneteau Oceanis 45, offering a unique cruising experience. The beam is carried further forward giving greater internal volume resulting in modern, elegant living spaces and maximum comfort. The German mainsail system and self-tacking jib make the Oceanis 46.1 easy to sail when short-handed without compromising on performance.

Testament to the quality and design of this yacht, the Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 has previously won the highly regarded title of European Yacht of the Year in the ‘Family Cruiser’ category.

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1. Designed to be spacious without jeopardising speed and performance the Oceanis 51.1 is easy to handle but successfully pushes the boundaries of cruising yacht design. The newly formed stepped hull design allows for extra interior space and new saloon and cabin layouts. The deck layout is simple yet stylish and designed for smooth, short-handed sailing without affecting close quarters manoeuvring capability. Also on display will be the Oceanis 35.1, 38.1, 41.1, First 18, 24 and Figaro3.

Lagoon 42 (M144). The comfortable living accommodation both above and below deck, make it perfect for couples or families. The design boasts an elegant silhouette with flowing curves and noticeable acceleration of the lines in the bows. This, plus a new coach roof design, shows she is as powerful as she is dynamic for excellent performance under sail.

Lagoon 40 (at Ocean Village) This yacht features an elevated helm and an open plan cockpit. Performance is enhanced with a tall rig and lighter subcomponents. The interior houses generous sized cabins with semi-island beds. A self-tacking jib, shorter boom and optimised weight distribution makes manoeuvring simple, even when shorthanded.

Ancasta يرحب بالمالكين المحتملين على متن الطائرة أثناء العرض. يرجى تحديد موعد مسبقًا لضمان قدرتك على رؤية اختياراتك المفضلة في يوم زيارتك. بريد إلكتروني lagoon@ancastaكوم or بينيتو@ancastaكوم أو اتصل على +44 (0) 2380 450000 لحجز موعد.

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